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281 Trillion Colors

Advertise your services and products

We’ve all seen the colorful, memorable LED signs with their multi-color displays, scrolling messages and eye-catching graphics. This type of sign seems to be everywhere these days. From small signs mounted in store windows to massive billboard ones mounted at stadiums and race tracks. Not only do they entertain us but they also convey messages to promote a brand, advertise a sale or special or inform the viewer of an event.

Promote Sales

If you own a business you know the importance of advertising. It’s the way you attract new customers, engage current ones and show the world your products or services. Traditional advertising is expensive whether it’s through print, radio, television, internet or billboards. An LED sign is a great investment to supplement or reduce advertising expenses. An LED sign also lets you control your messages or advertising as you like without calling an advertising rep or consultant.

Announce events, Meetings or Other important information

LED Signs are easy to program, requiring a few moments to change the message. Our LED signs are programmed through a remote you hold in your hand. You don’t have to worry about the aggravation and time involved that is required to change a traditional sign. It’s also much safer than climbing a ladder to change the letters on a traditional sign.

Provide a service to your community, church or club

Special Discounts for Churches and Fire Departments

LED Signs are not only for business use, they also prove highly effective for schools, churches, and clubs. These signs can be an attractive way to post important messages to your school families, congregation, and membership. Let them know about an upcoming meeting, dinner, revival, or special event. Done correctly they also add a nice touch to your existing signage or advertising.

Work all day, all night, every day of the year

LED Signs also allow for multiple messages to be displayed. It’s easy and fun to program your sale, product, service, or message in multi-color, scrolling fashion. With some time and practice, you may find you have people taking time to read and enjoy your work. Our signs run off standard 110-volt outlets and are environmentally friendly. They consume less power than neon or standard lighted signs. They also run 24/7 so your messages are there even when you are closed.

Advantages of an LED Lighted Sign over Traditional, Neon or Fluorescent Signs

  • Long Life – Quality LED Signs can last as long as 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is a full 3 to 6 years longer than fluorescent and neon.
  • Brightness – LED Signs produce a brilliant, yet clear light that is easy to read both close up and from a distance. Also, they stand out at night and even when the sun is intense.
  • Overall Appearance – Neon and fluorescent signs dim over time requiring replacement of dim or worn out sections. LED signs maintain a constant, even appearance.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Lower power requirement results in less electricity being used, which can significantly reduce your lighting costs. Also there are no harmful gasses or toxins present and when it’s time to replace them they are easily recyclable.
  • Low Maintenance – LED Signs reduce maintenance costs compared to traditional, neon or fluorescent signs. Outdoor models are weatherproof, rugged and will give you many years of service. You’ll save money over the long term.